Bihar State Hydroelectric Corp Ltd


Company Name:Bihar State Hydroelectric Corp Ltd
Group :
Address:Corp Office
2nd Floor, Sone Bhawan,
B.C. Patel Marg
City:Patna 800001 Bihar
Tel:0612-2227746 / 2223964
Mktg-Email :[email protected]
HR-Email :
Purchase-Email :[email protected]
Brands Owned :

About the Company :

Bihar State Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited (BHPC) is a company of government of Bihar registered under Companies Act 1956. The company is responsible for exploring all possibilities of hydroelectric potential and its development in the State. The BHPC endeavors to associate with public and private sector companies for accelerated development of hydro power potential in the State.


L P Sinha– Managing Director
U K Thakur– Director
Jawaharlal– Chief Engineer
Ravi Srivastava– Asst. Manager

Other Office Address
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Corp Office 2nd Floor, Sone Bhawan, B.C. Patel Marg Patna 800001 Bihar 0612-2227746 / 2223964 2227692


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