Indian Electricity Distribution Sector

Indian electricity distribution caters to nearly 200 million consumers and has a connected load of about 400 GW is one of the largest in the world. It has 73 distribution companies, 13 in government department, 17 private distribution companies, 41 corporate and 2 SEB’s. However, in India, generation is given utmost importance and leaks in distribution are left out to appease certain political fiefdom. Only 9 states in the country has achieved 100% consumer metering and 23 states has 100% metering at 11 KV feeder level. Still more reforms are addressed such as open access and independence of state load dispatch centre and phasing out of single buyer model.

From unplanned and frequent electricity power cuts, lack of staff, lack of transparency, red-tape the distribution sector has come a long way in India. In the last decade, most of electricity distribution companies have made several customer friendly measures which brings transparency. Some of the them are

1. IVRS : Major state electricity distribution companies have zonal call centres – with 24X7 call assistance. One can dial a number to know the power cuts, reason and restoration of the same.

2. SMS : Many consumer now-a-days get alerts for bill payment, complaint registration on mobile.

3. Apps : Some companies have also launched mobile apps for supporting customers, which helps them to register complaint, pay bill, review electricity charges etc.,

4. Websites : Besides the above, the distribution companies website carry more details on their upcoming projects, pending issues, grievance redressal, online payment of electricity bill, management personnel details etc.,

5. Collection Kiosk: In major cities or in rural villages, these distribution companies have also resorted to third party payment collection which helps consumers in a big way . Where they can pay all utility bills in one go !

With new smarter and intelligent grids the consumers are set to reap more benefits.


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The following is the list of all Indian Electricity Distribution Companies in India


List of All Electricity Distribution Companies in India


Upper Assam Electricity Distribution Co Ltd

Company Name: Upper Assam Electricity Distribution Co Ltd OldName: Group : Address: Corp Office Bijulee Bhavan Paltan Baazar City: Guwahati ...

West Bengal Electricity Distribution Co Ltd

Company Name: West Bengal Electricity Distribution Co Ltd OldName: Group : Address: Corp Office Vidyut Bhavan, Block-DJ, Sector-II, Bidhan Nagar ...