Nuclear Power Generation in India

 In India, though a power starved country, nuclear power generation is being resisted. Currently, nuclear power forms a distant 4th in terms of generation, after thermal, hydro-electric and renewable sources like solar and wind power. Though India started ambitiously in 2010 and announced 63000 MW, it has withered away its chances after Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

Many nuclear projects are facing hurdles -Jaitapur and Haripur with state government refusing permission and public interest litigation in courts.

Despite all these opposition, the nuclear power generation are making slow progress. Despite severe protests Kudankulam Nuclear power plant has gone operational in 2014. India is also making progress in field of thorium-based fuels. It is working to design and develop a prototype for an atomic reactor using thorium and low-enriched uranium, a key part of India’s three stage nuclear power programme.

Here is a list of projects that are in implementation/operation in India

ProjectLocationStateTypeCapacityProject Cost (In INR Crores)
Kakrapar-Atomic Power Project (Unit 1 & 2)KakraparGujaratPHWR2×700 (1400)11,459
Rawatbhata Atomic Power Project (Unit 1&2)RawabhataRajasthanPHWR2×700 (1400)12,320
Gorakhpur Haryana Atomic Power Project (Unit 1 &2)GorakhpurHaryanaPHWR2×700 (1400)20,594
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (Unit 3 & 4)KudankulamTamil NaduLWR2×100039,849
Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor ProjectKalpakkamTamil NaduFBR1×5005,677
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (Unit 5 &6)KudankulamTamil NaduLWR2×100049,621
Chutka Atomic Power Project (Unit 1 &2)ChutkaMadhya PradeshPHWR2×700 (1400)105,000
Kaiga Atomic Power Project (Unit 5 &6)KaigaKarnatakaPHWR2×700 (1400)105,000
Mahi Banswara Atomic Power Project (Unit 1 &2)Mahi BanswaraRajasthanPHWR2×700 (1400)105,000
Gorakhpur Haryana Atomic Power Project (Unit 3 &4)GorakhpurHaryanaPHWR2×700 (1400)105,000
Mahi Banswara Atomic Power Project (Unit 3&4)Mahi BanswaraRajasthanPHWR2×700 (1400)105,000
Source : Ibis Research


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