Tamil Nadu Government face power shortages

Tamil Nadu government is seeking to increase the supply of coal to the thermal plants in the State to avoid power cuts. The state which relies on wind power during June-September is experiencing power shortfall. As wind season has ended and power from some units is not available, the threat of power-cuts looms large in Tamil Nadu, which has avoided major outages in recent times.

Coal shortage

The coal stock in the state has reached a critically low level due to reduced supply from coal companies. An average 72,000 tonnes of coal is required daily to maintain continuous generation in the power plants of Tangedco. This translates into at least 20 rakes of coal receipt on a daily basis. However, on an average, Tangedco was receiving only 7 to 8 rakes daily. Unless the coal supply position is improved immediately, some of the thermal power stations will have to be shut down, leading to power outages in Tamil Nadu.

The state government power utility TANGEDCO is coming up with a tender to import coal of 2.5 million tonnes

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