Indian Power Sector

India ranks third in electricity production and ranks 110th in per capita consumption. This goes on to show the immense potential in









India.Renewable Energy accounts for 28% of total power ?generated, wind power constitutes around 87% of total renewable power followed by biomass power. Solar Power is likely to get boost with mega thrust from government intending to generate 100000 MW from solar energy by 2019. Though ranking third in the world, around 300 million people in India do not have access to electricity. Several rural electrification programme have been launched to reduce black outs and provide connectivity to villages.

The demand for electricity is likely to reach 300 GW by 2025  with increasing demand








from manufacturing sector and domestic demand with changing lifestyles. However, some of the government policies favouring the poor /farmers is creating havoc on the state electricity board finances. Cross-subsidization of electricity of industrial consumers makes them less competitive on global trade. Overall, there are attempts to reduce the bottlenecks and  power sector is striving to move forward with new









government initiatives ? de-bundling of SEB?s, expedition of environmental issues, new land acquisition act etc.,









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