Should we go for 1200 kv stations ?

With a need to meet the rising challenges of unbalance growth in renewable energy and distant power generation centre, there is a need for high density transmission corridors. It has to be done either by increasing voltage level or current. However, there is a limit where we can increase the capacity (MW) per metre without reaching high voltage. Currently, in India we have high voltage corridor upto 765 kV and PowerGrid Corporation has deployed a 1200 kv sub-station as a test station in Bina in Madhya Pradesh.

It may be noted, the world over very few countries like Russia, USA and Italy have tried high voltage transmission lines at 1200 kv. Crompton Greaves has successfully developed their first 1200 kV product. and is now successfully deployed in 2016. The project was conceived in 2009 and became operational in 2016. Now, the moot question is should we go for such high power transmission corridors in future ?

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