Rajasthan to modernize electricity grid for green energy push !

Rajasthan government is modernizing its state electricity transmission grid through Smart Transmission Network and Asset Management System initiative. Its state electricity distribution arm, RRVPNL has awarded the company to GE T&D Ltd to develop a road map to integrate large-scale renewable energy and support managing existing and future power structure. The contract is worth of ₹ 1,500 million.

Currently, Rajasthan generates around 21.6 GW of which roughly 32% comes from renewable energy. With focus on renewable energy and upcoming projects will increase the green energy share to over 60 % in coming years. To support such growth, it needs a stable electricity grid.

GE will provide Digital Energy portfolio, the software which will provide real-time data acquisition and a decision support system that will help in visualization and situational awareness of the transmission grid.

The RRVPNL-STNAMS project will also include software features of National Transmission Asset Management Centre (NTAMC) & Unified Real Time Dynamic State Measurement (URTDSM), both implemented by GE for Power Grid Corporation of India Limited and will strengthen monitoring of the entire grid system of Rajasthan.

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